This first group of websites provides general information on what domestic violence is, how to get help, and links to just about any aspect of abuse you might look for, including safety plans, links to Power and Control wheels and extensive lists of books, articles and of state coalitions. Scroll down (or use the links on the right to navigate) for resources on domestic violence in ethnic or religious groups, of deaf women, women with disabilities, lesbians, rural and Native American women. There are also resources focused on what communities can do.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 (1-800-799-SAFE) TTY: 1-800-787-3224

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Minnesota Program Development

National Electronic Network on Violence Against Women
A resource for advocates working with abused women, with information on all forms of oppression and their intersection with intimate partner violence, among other resources.

Violence Against women Online Resources

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence
Not for API only


Precious Heart

Safe Horizon Virtual Domestic Violence Shelter Tour and Information Site. This site will take you on a virtual tour of a domestic violence shelter and answer your questions about shelters.

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Legal Momentum (formerly NOW legal Defense & Education Fund). Organizations providing services and legal referral to women with legal issues arising from domestic violence, including child custody.


Hot Peach Pages
Domestic Violence information in 70 languages

Native American Rural Women See entry below for rural women.

Native American Women: Barriers to Living Free. Short informative article on historical context, spirituality and more.

Black Women's Health
Everything an African American women would want to know about her health and information about domestic violence

Race, Health Care and the Law
(Text in English, Spanish and Portuguese) Links to articles: "The Plight of Black Battered Women" on mistreatment of battered black women by the law. "The Effect of Racism on Domestic Violence Resources": implications of race for women, men, the family, the justice system.

Multicultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence in the U.S. Click on African American and scroll down to find an extensive bibliography

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Communities (for general information on domestic violence specific to African American women.)

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza). Information and resources on domestic violence specific to Latinas.

Links: Espanol/ Spanish
Numerous topics and links all in Spanish

Arte Sana:
Healing Hearts Through the Arts Links and bibliography including videotapes. Some sources are bilingual/ trilingual.

Race, Health Care and the Law
Links and bibliography including videotapes.

Asian Family Violence Report:
"A study of Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, South Asian and Vietnamese Communities in Massachusetts" by Marianne Yoshioka. "To help members of Asian communities start a dalogue about family violence."

Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence. Articles on numerous topics specializing in but not limited to Asian and Pacific Islanders, trafficking, domestic violence and the intersection of cultures.

South Asian Women's Network
Resources online for battered South Asian women in the United Sttes, Canada, United Kingdom and India. Bibliography on domestic and sexual violence against South Asian women in the U.S. and India. Links to cultural topics, domestic violence and much more in the U.S. and in India.

(East) Indian Women and Violence
Lengthy bibliography.

Multicultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence in the U.S. Extensive bibliography of mostly academic articles and books on Asians, south Asians, Latin Americans, Native Americans, African Americans listed by author, country and tribe.

Family Violence Prevention Fund:
The Facts on Immigrant women and Domestic Violence Fact Sheet on Immigrant women

Immigration and Refugee Coalition Challenging Gender Based Oppression Works on Sexual assault domestic violence and trafficking.


Faith Trust Institute
Books and videos on domestic violence in Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, including God's Reconciling Love: A pastor's Handbook on Domestic Violence, Circles of Healing: A support group curriculum for abused Christian Women,Keeping the Faith by Rev Marie Fortune.

Islamic Society of North America
Forum on domestic violence; articles on sexual and domestic assault, safety plans, children and much more.

"Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families" by Muslim scholar Sharifa Alkhateeb covers the basics on the topic, illustrating her points from Muslim women's experiences.

Crescent Life Article on homelessness of Muslim women; link to organizations that may help.

What Islam Says About Domestic Violence: A Guide for Helping Muslim Families.

Jewish Women International for information about domestic abuse in Jewish communities and excellent resources for abused women and Rabbis.

A Journey Toward Freedom:
A Haggadah for Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence.


"Model Protocol for Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Victims With Disabilities" by Cathy Hoog, published by Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV). This 19 page publication on line is written for advocates and others who work with people who are disabled, but if you are abused it can be a useful guide in making a safety plan for yourself.

Overview of Literature on Domestic Violence and Disabilities Karen Howe: "Violence Against Women with Disabilities: An Overview of the Literature."

National Council on Disabilities
State and federal contact information and resources, including laws.

Coalition for Research On Women with Disabilities. Studies and policy on many aspects of the lives of women with disabilities, including sexual and domestic abuse, and how to help. Includes one woman's personal story of domestic abuse.


ADWAS: ABUSED DEAF WOMEN'S ADVOCACY SERVICES Pamphlets, books and films for deaf women who are abused. They are easy to read and have lots of illustrations. TTY: 800-787-3224.

Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Women and Children.

Des Moines Deaf Women of Iowa Against Abuse.

Rochester Advocacy Services for Deaf Victims.


The Rural Womyn Zone
News about rural woman abuse, Native American abuse; links to national rural women's task force on abuse and resources.

Mending the Sacred Hoop
Articles and links to information on Native Americans, rural women, lesbians, immigrants and others.

Family Violence Prevention Fund Fact Sheet on Teens

Center for domestic violence Prevention
Support line for teens and link to Teen Relationships Website

See also these books by Barrie Levy:


National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center Article/ fact sheet on basics of battering of lesbians includes bibliography of studies and academic articles.

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs Studies and reports on battering in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Coalition of over 20 programs in many states.

Gay & Lesbian Domestic Violence Bibliography. A few books and articles.

Northwest Networkof Bi, Trans, Lesbian, and Gay Survivors of Abuse. Articles and information on aspects of abuse.


The oldest organization running groups for men who batter, heterosexual and gay. Some materials designed to help victim/survivors be safe are available on line. Other useful articles on a number of topics can be ordered.

Lundy Bancroft
Bancroft's website makes available online his articles on custody, groups for men who batter and other topics, as well as a bibiliograpy, which includes his excellent books.


Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community Newsletter of the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community. African Americans speak out on abuse and what could have helped victims/survivors. Institute goals: gather information about violence in African American communities, produce policy papers; organize conferences and more.


Learning from the Experiences of Battered Immigrant, Refugee and Indigenous Women Involved with Child Protective Services to Inform a Dialogue among Domestic Violence Activist and Advocates.
Study of Asian & Pacific Islanders and other indigenous and immigrant groups' interactions with CPS with recommendations.

Who are the homeless? That is the question most of these websites on homelessness begin with. They report on the topic in different ways, collectively providing a stunning amount of information on the people who have no homes and plans for what can be done about it.

National Housing Trust Fund
Information about a campaign to urge government to provide low income housing.

Corporation for Supportive Housing
Ending Long-Term Homelessness Services Initiative, a proposal for a new federal program policy paper.

"Laying a New Foundation:
Changing the Systems that Create and Sustain Supportive Housing. Corporation for Supportive Housing 2003. Several state case studies and CSH publications illustrating approaches to solutions. 77 pages of practical strategies, step by step.

Fact Sheet: Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) Fact sheets on housing/domestic violence and on welfare/domestic violence


Family Violence Prevention Fund (DVPF)
Newsletter article on "Founding Fathers" focus on engaging men in the struggle against violence to women through a Founding Fathers workplace campaign among other actions.

What Unions Can do
Step by step suggestions on action by unions to aid abused workers, plus union contract agreements that incorporate safety for abused workers and accountability and support for perpetrators.


Ellen Bass & Laura Davis: The Courage to Heal, A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. 20th Anniversary Edition, revised and expanded. To see my review on Amazon books, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Barrie Levy: Women and Violence. See my review on Amazon books.

Emilie Stark and Heather Watture, editors: Why Doesn't She Just Leave? Real Women. Real Stories. A New Perspective on Domestic Violence. Publisher: Heather Watture.

Sandy Wilson: You Don't Know What Love Is. Once you get past the lurid cover, you may be inspired by the strength of this woman who tells the story of her 19 years of struggle in a relationship with a "drug-addicted, abusive, convicted criminal." Google the name of the title and author. (There is another book with the same title.) You can read a fairly long excerpt at the author's website.